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Scars & Stripes Coffee


Social Media | Video Production | Targeted Advertising | Content Marketing

Scars & Stripes Coffee is a veteran-run coffee brand designed to empower veterans by providing the powerful resources necessary to run their own business & market their own brand.

Through visual storytelling & engaging media campaigns we have established a strong digital media presence, as well as fostered incredible organizational growth & a substantial increase in revenue.

social media

Phone Screen

Event Photography

Member Photography

Product Photography

Custom Graphic Design


Campaign Strategy

Creative Brand Development

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Instagram

Video Production

Event Videography

Member Videography

Product Videography

Graphic Animation

Animated Promotions

Targeted Advertising

Facebook & Instagram Ads

E-commerce Ads

Social Commerce


Brand Awareness

Content Marketing

Film & Photo Sessions

Custom Graphics

Video Promotion

Product Photography

Product Videography

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